GFR Measurement
in Clinical Routine

Have you ever wondered if you can get more precise and accurate results in kidney diagnostics?

One of the keys to greater precision in treatment of patients with kidney disease is the integration of GFR Measurement in clinical routine. Measured Glomerular Filtration Rate (mGFR) based on Iohexol-Plasma-Clearance ist considered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as the benchmark in kidney diagnostics:

“The gold standard for assessment of renal function is a measured GFR using an exogenous substance as a filtration marker (e.g., … iohexol). Methods for estimating GFR (eGFR) using endogenous markers have different drawbacks and are not considered as accurate as measured GFR”.

Nephrolyx IVDx: GFR Measurement in Clinical Routine

Nephrolyx GmbH, a German company, has developed an innovative tool for measuring GFR in clinical routine. The Nephrolyx IVDx combines an IVD kit with a digital platform and is ready-to-use.

Applying Iohexol-Plasma-Clearance method, this test delivers results within just a few hours. It empowers physicians to precisely detect renal diseases and to adjust treatment plans for patients right on time.

Nephrolyx IVDx is recommended for clinical, analytical, and research laboratory settings that use semi-automatic processing in a UHPLC or HPLC device.

The test is not only suitable for both acute and non-acute patient scenarios but also highly adaptable to various clinical situations.


Nephrolyx IVDx offers superior precision and accuracy in results compared to GFR estimates. Additionally, the test consistently performs accurately in all situations across the GFR range, enabling the early detection of changes in GFR. Moreover, it is not affected by non-GFR determinants.


Nephrolyx IVDx stands out as a cost-effective option when compared to other mGFR solutions, including Creatinine-Clearance, 99mTc-DTPA, lab-developed mGFR tests (LDTs), and even several biomarker-based estimates (eGFR).


Nephrolyx IVDx provides clinical results within the same day, with a turnaround time of less than 6 hours, which is significantly quicker than LDTs for mGFR.
Obtaining diagnostic results more quickly accelerates and simplifies sample processing.

Medical Endorsements of the Nephrolyx IVDx

Reviews from recognized nephrology experts:

GFR Measurement in Clinical Routine: Benefits

For physicians

  • Confidence in accurate results 
  • Quicker clinical decision possible
  • Ability to identify early changes in GFR 
  • Optimized patient treatment expected
  • Easy access to mGFR

For laboratories

  • Higher workflow automation and better performance compared to LDTs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Seamless software integration
  • Access to mGFR for all clinical departments 
Nephrolyx IVDx Demo Trial
Nephrolyx IVDx
Nephrolyx DNPx

Test the Nephrolyx IVDx in your lab and benefit from the precise kidney diagnostics! Our demonstration trial not only showcases both the Nephrolyx IVD Kit and the Digital Nephrology Platform but also focuses on their seamless integration into your clinical workflow.

The comprehensive package includes IVD kit provisioning, software installation, and dedicated training for your laboratory and medical staff. Our team stands ready to assist you at every step. For more insights about implementation of Nephrolyx IVDx in our house, please schedule a call or meeting with us.

About Nephrolyx

Nephrolyx is the leading provider of GFR measurement in clinical routine. The company builds on 12 years of research in the field of kidney function diagnostics at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Nephrolyx’s mission is to optimize patient outcomes by providing physicians and researchers with access to GFR measurement. Addressing challenges in kidney diagnostics, the company thoroughly works to enhance patient treatment in both hospital and ambulatory settings.

Moreover, Nephrolyx is dedicated to fostering innovation in the field, supporting the development of new medications and assisting pharma and biotech companies in kidney research and clinical trials. The company aims to enable precision medicine in healthcare worldwide.

Improve treatment success for your patients!